Aug 15, 2023 I received a Hellman Fellows Award :sparkles:
Aug 7, 2023 Keynote talk at KDD’23 resource-efficient learning workshop
Jul 1, 2023 Co-organizing the 2nd New Frontiers in Adversarial Machine Learning
May 1, 2023 Co-organizing the 3rd Sparsity in Neural Network Workshop at ICLR, continuing our efforts at
2nd Sparsity in Neural Network Workshop, and 1st Sparsity in Neural Network Workshop
Sep 7, 2022 Invited talks at IFML workshop, UAI tractable probabilistic modelling workshop (TPM), Vanderbilt University Machine Learning Seminar, ICML DataPerf Workshop, UT Austin ECE Colloquia Seminar, Stanfod MLSys seminar, and ICML SubsetML Workshop summarizing our efforts on data selection for efficient and robust learning. You can watch some here Watch
Sep 7, 2022 Yu Yang received Amazon Doctoral Student Fellowship :sparkles:
Aug 15, 2022 I received an NSF Career Award :sparkles:
May 27, 2022 I received Amazon Research Award :sparkles: